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Wagner Academy


Wagner Soccer has many  programs for kids to participate in for this coming winter.  Each program was developed with the needs of the participants in mind.  Because of our extensive knowledge base in youth development and our experienced community of coaches, there is no program available that can compare to our passion-based system.  

Wagner Academy

Wagner Academy Wagner Academy

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Wagner Soccer Academy is a 100% skill-based developmental program.  Our program is the only one that provides ALL children with the skill training necessary for long-term soccer success.  Our methodology integrates proper soccer techniques from young ages in an environment where kids are encouraged to be independent and take risks.  The program is about creating a fantastic experience for the kids, which will encourage them to continue playing soccer, which, if using proper techniques, will develop their abilities rapidly.

  • All players are different.  The program takes into account every child's strengths and works with them to maximize those strengths.  
  • Wagner Soccer is not a factory!  Coaches are not looking to develop a certain "type" of player and all players can be developed to what they need, regardless of what others in the program are working on.
  • Wagner Soccer is not a Franchise program.  The program is flexible and curriculum is based on the needs of the individuals in the classes, not based on a one-size-fits-all methodology.  
  • Wagner Soccer is an independent training program.  The program does not have quota numbers and we are under no pressure to fill competitive teams.  Our program can do what is best for each child, regardless of what town or club they come from.
  • Wagner Soccer coaches are unique.  The coaches are there to provide an outstanding experience for the kids.  All coaches have been in the system (as coaches or players) for many years and understand what is needed to provide that experience.  


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'Junior’s Safe Zone' Method


Coach Junior is one of the true pioneer’s in soccer development. Through his experience as a CBF (Brazilian Soccer Federation) Staff coach, Junior has coached some of the world’s best players, who train at a professional level. Coach Junior has also been a head coach at the FCBEscola (F.C. Barcelona) in Rio de Janeiro, so he understands and is versed in the methods of the most elite youth training systems in the world today. But, his experience and thirst for knowledge does not end there. Junior is one of the top Beach Soccer coaches in the world and uses that experience to add a level of creativity to all players.

In addition to being a host coach in Brazil for foreign schools and clubs, Junior now partners with Wagner Soccer (Rochester, New York and Natal, Brazil) to help foster an era of cooperation and immersion for players in both countries.

“Junior’s Safe Zone” pulls knowledge from all of his experience in training players of all ages. As a former professional player at Ajax (Holland) and Vasco (Rio de Janeiro), he has trained with and played against many top worldwide players.

Safe Zone


The concept of the “Safe Zone” is to help players develop spatial awareness on the field, no matter what size field they play on. The methodology introduces all of the concepts needed to control the game through possession and quick attacking with the ball. Players are empowered to make better decisions for their team and teammates become more aware of where to best support each other.

The methodology is integrated into continuous game-playing situations which foster a love for the training as it feels more like game-play. This is a critical component to keep kids of all ages interested and passionate about the work they are doing to improve themselves.

Junior’s method helps to create smarter and more aware players who show confidence and passion for the game. Their speed of play and reliance on skill above all else is what sets his students apart.


Team Academy


This program is different from other team-based programs in that the entire curriculum is both developed and managed through Wagner Soccer.  If you immerse your child in the development model, it will be the next step in providing a soccer-based foundation, in a team-based environment.  Your child will participate in training and team-play, coached by staff of Wagner Soccer exclusively.  What this means is:


  • Tournament teams may be put together to participate in tournaments with Wagner Soccer head coaching staff. Wagner Soccer head coaches will manage all training and game play for such Tournament teams.
  • Wagner Soccer head coaching staff will run all curricula at training sessions and Wagner Soccer staff will manage all game-play.  This will assure that the sessions are managed professionally and will provide the best possible environment for the kids to have fun and learn proper soccer technique.
  • Teams put together may participate in scrimmages, friendlies and tournaments against other teams of similar ages and genders.
  • Tournaments may include House and Travel level tournaments.
  • 100% Wagner Soccer methodology.


The purpose of this program is to provide the proper soccer development for long-term success as a player.  For kids who are passionate about soccer, it is a great learning environment that will incrementally build, year–to-year. 


The program is dynamic, so players, who will benefit from being challenged, will find the stronger challenge that they need in more competitive game-playing situations. 


Team Academy is available year-round for those who participate at minimum 1x per week throughout the winter, spring and summer.  It is included in the price for Members. 


Additional information will be available when the Team programs are setup to play in tournaments and games throughout the winter, spring and summer.



Click here for class times and registration links.


Striker Training 


Striker Training is a program developed through Wagner Soccer and Coach Junior as a method by which class participants learn how to properly prepare for the most important aspect of the game of soccer.  It encompasses skill development, anticipation, run-of-play setup and actual shooting of the ball.  It is the proper way by which goal-scoring is integrated into players in the biggest clubs in the world.


Futsal Academy


Futsal Academy trains youth players in the same way that Brazilian youth train and develop their skills.  The fast-paced style of play, which rewards skill and speed of play, will show immediate results for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.  The futsal ball is a smaller, weighted ball, which rewards players who have great ball possession.  For those in need of more work with ball possession, the training modules will greatly enhance individual skill and comfort with the ball.


Adult Soccer 


Soccer Fit


Wagner Soccer will be running classes for men and women who would like to use soccer as a way to stay in shape or who are looking to get back into shape.  The program will be non-competitive and will be a lot of fun for those who miss the feeling of playing soccer with friends and peers.  The training will incorporate high-energy music to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals while participating in something that you grew up loving and will be able to love again.  


Pickup Soccer


Wagner Soccer will be hosting adult pickup soccer games for those who love playing soccer but are not interested in the ultra competitve game-playing that is only available.  Our "Friendlies" will allow for both men and women to participate in a great, fun environment, similar to how you grew up playing with your friends.  This program is meant for those looking for a good time with soccer friends and peers.  


Click here for class times and registration links.


Membership Pricing

New this year, Wagner Soccer is proud to offer Membership Pricing for ages 7 to 17.  This pricing takes into account that many of our participants have their children in our programs, year-round.

Benefits of Membership Pricing are:

  • Discounted pricing compared to registering for each program individually (Each additional child is discounted 10%)
  • 3 Practice sessions are included per week during the November through July  training season (Ages 7 - 11, May through July is the spring/summer Team Academy)
  • 3 Practice sessions are included per week during the November through April  training season (Ages 12 - 17)
  • Inclusion in the Team Academy to participate in friendlies, scrimmages, tournaments within the Academy through July.  (Ages 7 - 11)
  • 50% off all specialty training sessions (Futsal Academy, Striker Training, Agilitiy and Strength Training, Velocity Training, etc.)
  • 25% off all Adult Programs for parents of Members
  • 25% off all Camp registrations throughout the year
  • 25% off all Parties at the Wagner Training Center (Family discount, not just participant of Academy)
  • 25% off all rentals at the Wagner Training Center (Family discount)
  • Membership can be paid through monthly installments* 

* Monthly installments will include a $5 per transaction maintenance fee.  Please contact us at for more information.

Example of Membership Pricing Discount:

Membership Price (Ages 7 - 11) - 3x per week

$1,620.00 (Early Registration Price)

3 sessions per week from November through April - $1,540.00 (Actual Cost with 10% discounts)
Spring/Summer Team Academy - $250.00
Total when registering separately:  $1,790.00 (doesn't include all other benefits)

Click here for class times and registration links.