Wagner Training Center

900 Jefferson Road, Building #7

Rochester, New York 14623

In the Genesee Valley Regional Market

    Providing the Best Possible Environment for Coaches,
    Players and Parents.

Welcome to the Wagner Training Center, the latest evolution in indoor sports training. This private training facility was developed in association with multiple sports clubs and training organizations, to better provide coaches, players and parents with an optimal coaching, playing and viewing experience. The Wagner Training Center is equipped to handle multiple sport and event types.


Sports: Events:
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Birthday Parties
  • Business Presentations
  • Team Building Seminars
  • Coaching Seminars

Safe and Secure Family Environment

   Providing the Safest Materials in a Secure,
   Well-Managed Location

   100% Clean Turf made from 100% Recyclable Materials

The Wagner Training Center utilizes the latest in training surfaces. We have partnered with U.S. Turf Company to provide the ground-breaking artificial surface known as GEN 5. This surface utilizes no infill products (rubber/sand) which are standard in most artificial surfaces. Without the rubber and sand, we are able to maintain a much cleaner environment for those who participate. There will be no rubber pellets in the shoes, clothes, hair, eyes, and mouth.

The GEN 5 playing field is a short pile (1.125 inches), maximum density (70oz) turf design with polyethylene mono-filament fibers and a textured, polyethylene thatch fiber. This near-grass like design is built with the latest fiber from turf giant, Tencate. The all polyethylene design is 100% recyclable, lead and heavy metal safe, uses no infill products, and has the lowest maintenance requirements of any other system design.

The addition of the Sportsfield EarthPad underneath accomplishes two main goals. First, it provides a safety element by providing excellent gmax ratings for impact attenuation and secondly, cleated shoes will find an extraordinary traction benefit without the possibility for the shoe to become caught, which can cause injury.

Facility Features

  • Professional, In-House Trainers
  • 100% Clean Turf — No Rubber or Sand Infill
  • Private Training Environment
  • Secure Facility in 24 Hour Regional Market
  • Conference/Party Room with Full Audio/Video Access
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Optimal Viewing Throughout
  • State-of-the-Art Safety Features
  • Central Location — Shopping & Restaurants
  • Community Outreach Programs

Community Outreach

The Wagner Training Center is proud to support many local and national charitable organizations that provide assistance to those in need, whether in medical research or through local assistance organizations. Some organizations that we support include:

  • American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • Foodlink

For more information regarding the Wagner Training Center, please contact us.


Bob Wagner
Wagner Academy