Azzurri Tournament

Azzurri Academy


The 2015

February Break

Azzurri 5v5


Soccer Festival

  • Boys & Girls - U11-12Monday 2/16
  • Boys & Girls - U12-13 - Tuesday 2/17
  • Boys & Girls - U13-14 - Wednesday 2/18
  • Boys & Girls - U14-15Thursday 2/19
  • Boys & Girls - U16-17 - Friday 2/20

8:00AM - 8:00PM

($150 after January 31st)

A great way to spend the February school break!   Come on out and play the fast-paced 5v5 version of soccer.  Everyone gets a lot of action.

  • All games are 30 minutes (2-15 minute halves).  
  • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. 
  • Festival format, bracket champions determined by point system.  
  • Championship teams will get sweet T-shirts!
  • Teams play 4 on the field plus a goalie.
  • Referees will be used
  • Suggested roster size is 6-10 players.  Maximum is 10. Too many players?  Split your team in half!
  • Goals are 7x21.
  • Registration Fee is only $135.00 per team if registered before 2/1/15!
  • Food & Drinks available!


Registration Information
  • Fill out tournament waiver/roster. 
  • All minor players must have a parent signature on the waiver/roster. 

  • Contact tournament administrator at to check on availability of space in an age bracket. 
  • Registration is not considered accepted without waiver/roster in hand by tournament administrator.
  • Full payment must be submitted with tournament waiver/roster. 
  • Players may be added to roster up until the first game. 
  • No player shall participate without proper signature of the waiver/roster.


    Please submit waiver/roster and full payment to:


    Bob Wagner

    Azzurri Tournament

    Wagner Training Center

    900 Jefferson Road, Building #7

    Rochester, New York 14623




    All checks should be made out to:  Wagner Soccer


    Credit Card


    If you would like to make a payment by credit card, please contact to setup payment arrangements.




Wagner Training Center

900 Jefferson Rd.

Building #7

Rochester, NY 14623

(Genesee Valley Regional Market)

State-of-art clean turf with NO Infill!

Please…No Cleats!

Presented By:

The Azzurri Academy is a year-round, soccer training program that focuses on the development of the most talented and committed soccer players. Through its affiliation with Wagner Soccer and multiple travel soccer  clubs, Azzurri  Academy is able to recognize players who are ready to move into a more challenging environment, which will help foster their potential as players.  Azzurri Academy is not looking to create “Premier” or “Elite” teams.  We will work with players to learn the habits and skills of great players.

Azzurri 5V5

Tournament Rules

  1. Field of Play: The field of play is 50 yards in length, by 23 yards in width.
  2. Players/Substitutes: There will be five players on the field at all times. Substitutes are allowed on the fly. The player leaving the field must be off before the player entering the game steps onto the field. Violation of this rule results in an indirect free kick where the ball is at the time of the illegal substitution.
  3. Player’s Equipment: Each player must be in team uniform. Cleats and shin guards are required at all times.
  4. Ball Size: The ball size will be a size 4/5 dependent on the age bracket and will be provided by tournament organizers.
  5. Officials: Certified Wagner Training Center staff will officiate all games.
  6. Duration of the game: The games are 30 minutes in length with 15 minute halves and 2 minutes for half time. The time is kept by the official who will sound the horn to start and end the game. The clock is continuous.  Teams will have 10 minutes to warm up before each game.
  7. Start/End of play: The horn indicates the beginning/end of the game.
  8. Ball in and out of play: Side and end lines will be used for out-of bounds. There are throw-ins The opposing player must be at least 3 yards from the player taking the throw.
  9. Scoring: The officials keep score and report the score to the front desk at the culmination of each game.  After a goal is scored the restart is at the center of the field.
  10. Offside: There are no offsides.
  11. Violations and Misconduct: The referee has the right to remove any player from the field of play for foul/violent play/conduct.
  12. Free kicks: All free kicks are indirect. Opposing player must stand at least 3 yards from the ball.
  13. Penalty Kicks: Taken from the penalty spot; 6 yards from the goal.
  14. Corner Kicks: Taken from the corner of the field of play.
  15. Goal kick: All members of the opposing team must retreat behind the half line before the goal kick is taken. The ball cannot pass the half way line without either first bouncing or before touching a player on the field. The ball must be kicked into play; it cannot be dribbled into play by the goalkeeper.  Violations to this rule will result in a re-taking of the goal kick.
  16. Goalkeepers: After gaining possession, GKs must throw or roll the ball out.  No punting.
  17. NO SLIDE TACKLINGPERIOD  A Yellow card will be issued upon any slide tackle.
  18. Championship Points Calculation
Each team will play an minimum of three group games
           -- 3 points for a win (a maximum goal differential of 5 goals per win)
              -- 1 point for a tie
              -- 0 points for a loss
In the event of a tie at the end of the group games the following criteria will determine who advances to the next round:
            1- Head to head result of the teams in question.
            2- Goal Difference.
            3- Penalty Kicks best of 3, followed by sudden death. All players on the roster must take a penalty kick before a player takes their second penalty kick attempt.
  • PROTEST & DISPUTES: All decisions by referees may not be appealed. Clerical errors can occur and may be brought up to the front desk. Disputed scores will be verified by the official game sheet. The Azzurri committee will determine and correct any errors that might occur.